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Chicago 3 Media interviewed Who Knew Books author Bruce Lubin at the International Home + Housewares Show where he discussed some of new and noteworthy Telebrands products including Ankle Genie, Grassology, Pocket Hose, Teddy Tanks and Wow Cups! Bruce Lubin walked the reporter through the products and provided a full description of how they work and why they are the “must have” items of the year. Watch the whole video on their website here!

When To Replace Your Shoes

worn-out-sneakers-150Running or walking in old or worn out shoes can often be a cause for foot and ankle injury.  For runners and avid walkers especially, it is important to make sure to switch out your footwear accordingly.  According to the average runner or walker should try to replace their sneakers every 6 to 9 months to avoid complications.  When was the last time you changed your shoes?  How long have you had yours?

HomeWorld Business Magazine

HomeWorld Business Mag

HomeWorld Business Mag

Wow! Telebrands latest and greatest products were featured in the HomeWorld Business Magazine! The Pocket Hose Ultra was the biggest feature which provided the information on how our new Pocket Hose is even more strong and durable than before. HomeWorld also noted the release of the patented Grassology: the amazing grass seed that requires less maintenance but better results in comparison to competitor grass seed. They will both be out in full release starting in the Spring.

HomeWorld also released coverage of the wonderful How-To cookbook, adding to the Telebrands infomercial-released books, Quick & Easy Dump Cakes. You can now bake homemade and scrumptious desserts by just dumping and baking. No measurements required! Lastly, HomeWorld also talked about the new rollout, Ankle Genie, a compression sock that can relieve ankle pain and swelling. It has a zipper for easy put-on and off and fits any size!

HomeWorld Business was quite excited about all the new products rolling out from the the leading As Seen On TV company, Telebrands. Don’t miss out on our amazing products; whether for your garden or in your home, our products will solve your daily problems.

Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are not an uncommon thing. In fact, they are often seen as a “sport injury” but they can be caused just by walking on an uneven surface! Every age at anytime is prone to an ankle injury, so don’t think that you are free of risk! The Ankle Genie is the perfect solution for you because it can go over any sock and inside any shoe to give you ultimate and complete protection every time.  Reduce the risk of ankle injury wether you’re an athlete or just wearing heels to work. The Ankle Genie will give you the support and comfort you need to get through the day!

Shoes that Cause Foot Pain

Foot Pain Solutions

Foot Pain Solutions

Men and women alike love to wear shoes that look good. But we don’t always choose to wear shoes that feel good. We have a solution! Now, we can all wear shoes that look amazing and feel great too. And with the Ankle Genie, you can wear of these shoes with comfort and support. Get rid of that foot and ankle pain! Eliminate the risk of rolling an ankle with these better options for shoes and the help of the Ankle Genie! 

Why Wear Compression Socks?

ankle compression

Compression socks are used for many reasons and for different purposes.  Some people use them for pain, or swelling or for activities like running, etc.  This blog post has listed 6 great reasons to use compression socks. They are:

1. Provide comfort, relief and help fight the possibility of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) that can causing blood clots in the legs.

2. Reduce swelling

3. Athletic Support

4. Ease Sore and Aching Legs – people who are usually on their feet all day or sitting can benefit from the added compression

5. Prevent Lymphedema – a condition in which the lymphatic system, usually in the legs, is compromised and fluid tends to build up or is retained.

6. Treatment of Varicose and Spider Veins – compression stockings can be used to treat people with varicose and spider veins.

If you have any of the issues listed above, a compression sock or sleeve may be something that can benefit your everyday life.  Even if it may not be a full blown problem, starting to use compression technology now may help prevent other issues in the future.

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Want to hear what others have to say about the Ankle Genie compression brace? Check out the Testimonials page on the website to read customer reviews and learn why so many love this new ankle support sleeve!